About MAMO

Italian born Maurizio Martinoli, aka Mamo, is a self-taught artist who strives to capture the inner beauty and explore the surreal splendors of people. his creativity is drawn from a deeply empathetic, visual and observant personality.! Mamo uses a combination of his drawings and creative lens usage, to capture the unique qualities that emanate from people. he lives in miami. he would like his subjects to take you beyond “first impression” and instead take you further than their initial surface, beyond race, sex and any preconceived idea: to discover their mystery, depth and inner wonders. Being extremely perceptive of people and their energies, Mamo’s work expresses his vision of his subjects to also reveal what lies underneath. he creates imagery out of the overwhelming sensory input he experiences from just observing people, thus removing the mask from his subjects to reveal who they are as pure energy and feeling.